• Sayings Plaques

    Add a bit of humor to the 19th hole

Crafted from red alder hardwood. Plaques measure 8" x 10" and are ready for hanging.

Sure to amuse even the most irritated golfer.

Select from our list of inspirational quotes below.


Sayings Plaques

  1.  He who has fastest cart never has a Bad Lie!
  2.  I got a new set of Golf Clubs for my husband... Best trade I ever made!
  3. I have never had a hole-in-one and I can not wait to give this plaque away!
  4. I shoot golf in the 70s. When i gets colder than that... I quit!
  5. In colonial times when men and women walked through the fields beating the ground with sticks and cursing, it was called witchcraft... Today it is called GOLF.
  6. I am hitting the woods great - but I am having a terrible time hitting out of them.
  7. Are we playing by "men's" rules or do we have to count every putt?
  8. For most golfers the best wood in the bag - is a PENCIL.
  9. Just remember - Golf  is Flog when spelled backwards.
  10. We only play golf on the days that end in Y!
  11. Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy. Benjamin Franklin
  12. I hit 2 good balls today - I stepped on a rake.
  13. Old Fisherman never die - They just smell that way!
  14. I smile because you are my Sister (Father, Mother, etc) - I laugh because there is nothing you can do about it.
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Red Alder Sayings Plaque 10" x 8"  $ 20

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