• Everything we make is personalized

    You customize your Olde Master gift

Custom Engraving

Olde Master Originals uses current laser engraving technology to create a distinctive and beautiful look to its putters, sticks, staffs, bats, batons, and other awards and gifts.

Before placing your order, please have a idea of what is possible for engraving your gift, then have the text ready, along with additional artwork prepared in the proper format.

Click images below for enlargements

Wingback, Mallet, Offset, & Olde Scotsman Putters

We can engrave your name, up to 20 characters, and your logo or artwork on the shaft, with your choice of a grip design. Refer to the illustration below when engraving on the shaft of walking sticks, hiking staffs, backscratchers and shoehorns.

Name (left), logo or artwork (right)

Grip Designs for One-Piece Putters

Available patterns are Chevron, Leaf, Casino, Pebble, and Diamond (top to bottom). A plain, smooth handle is also an option.

Chevron, Leaf, Casino, Pebble, and Diamond (top to bottom)

In1 Eagle, Hawkeye, & Falcon Putters

When ordering your in1 putter use these illustrations of the heads (shown at right) to give you an idea of the approximate size your artwork will be reproduced.

Eagle, Hawkeye, & Falcon (L to R)

Golf Club or Walking Stick Plaque

Display your Olde Master putter or walking stick with an exquisite maple plaque. Laser engrave your 10" x 15" plaque with custom copy and artwork to commemorate a special person or occasion.

The price includes two rows of text above the club, two to four rows of text below the club, and the same logo as engraved on your club if desired. The fewer the words the larger the type, which makes it easier to read.

Golf club or walking stick plaque

Baseball Bat

It's easy to create a special gift for any occasion, with an engraved team logo or mascot, players' roster and statistics, or a commemorative inscription. The big bat can be engraved in the 4 1/2" X 2" area with three lines of text at the end. The mini bat has a 2" x 1 1/4" center area for engraving with two lines of text at the end

33" Regulation size bat
18" Mini bats

Baseball Bat Plaque

The price of the Home Plate Plaque includes a total of up to four lines of text engraved above the bat and below the bat and the same logo as engraved on the bat if desired. Additional text or logo can be engraved for an additional  charge.

The fewer the words the larger the type, making it easier to read when mounted. When ordering a bat please have your text ready before calling.

Baseball Bat Homeplate Plaque

Police Baton & Plaque

A sturdy red alder plaque available for displaying your baton can be engraved with inscriptions and logos (as shown). The baton can be personalized with a name, up to 20 characters, and a logo.

Police Baton Plaque

Sending Artwork

We prefer CorelDraw or Adobe Illustrator application files for PC, not Macintosh. We will accept quality camera-ready art for engraving a logo or other art, and prefer to work with digital files, either e-mailed or sent on a PC-formatted CD.

We can try working with high resolution JPG files or any type files except for low resolution pixelated web image files.

All files linked to the digital artwork must be on included.

Camera-ready art must be black and white reflective bit-map line art, without halftone screens or color printing. Original 1200 DPI laser prints, at 200% of final size, on quality paper is required. The bigger and better the artwork, the sharper the laser engraving.

We cannot make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. Call with any questions about artwork. Thank you.