• One Piece Putters

    Crafted from a single piece of exotic hardwood. This is the supreme putter.

Our four distinct One Piece Putters

Every club is hand-sculpted from one piece of hardwood, the head is weighted and balanced, then a rich polyurethane finish is applied. Click on each model for more info.

Laser Engraving Creates a Gorgeous Personalized Putter

We offer you a choice of the diamond, casino, leaf, chevron, and pebble grip designs.

Every Olde Master Putter is custom made and come with a full length protective case.

Choose a head design: Wingback, Mallet, Offset, or Old Scotsman.
Choose a grip design: Diamond, Casino, Leaf, Chevron, Pebble, or Plain.
Specify: personalized engraving with text or a logo.
Personalize engraved black Face Plate (shown right) also available.

Putter Specifications
Length: Men's 35" - 36", Women's 34" - 35"
Lie: 70° - 73°, Olde Scotsman Lie: 61° - 64°
Head Weight: 310 - 330 grams
Total Weight: 17 oz. - 20 oz.
Loft: 3° - 5°

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