• Bourbon Barrel Heads

    Personalized authentic Kentucky bourbon barrel tops

Bourbon Barrel Tops
We can laser engrave your name, original artwork, or just about anything, on a real white oak bourbon barrel head. 21" in diameter - and ready for hanging. Perfect for a home bar or den.

Bourbon Barrel Head Fishing Rod Holder
Display five fishing rods with a little Kentucky tradition. 18" wide, with a 2 1/2" shelf,  personalized with your artwork.

Bourbon Barrel Head Checkerboard Table
Checkerboard pattern laser engraved into barrel head. 20 1/2" diameter, 20" high, with detachable legs made of handcrafted baseball bats. Checkers included.

Bourbon Barrel Head Key Holder
A home for your keys from a used bourbon barrel. 18" wide, has seven hooks, and will be personalized with your artwork.

Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Heads

Personalized Barrel Head $120
Checkerboard Table $150
Key Holder $25
Fishing Rod Holder $25

Personalized with your artwork.

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