• Blade in1 Putter

    The newest addition to our in1 putters.

Take your choice from the finest exotic hardwoods, your Blade in1 putter will be both exquisite and unique.

The head is crafted from a single block of hardwood, then weighted and balanced with a double-sided thermo-set polymer face insert. The head is joined to a graphite shaft and topped with a premium black moulded grip to create a putter with a modern look.

The in1 is incomparable as a gift to reward, remember, or commemorate.

The Blade in1 Putter – With Graphite Shaft

Hickory, Brazilian Cherry, Curly Maple, Bird’s Eye Maple, Osage Orange $110
Purpleheart, Bubinga, Zebra $120
Light Cocobolo, Dark Cocobolo, Rhodesian Teak, Zircote, Rosewood $135
Tambootie, Macassar Ebony $155
Wild Olive (Call for availability) $180
Pink Ivory (Call for availability) $250

Quantity discounts can be applied.

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in1 Putters include a name, or optional logo ($20) engraved on the top, and an optional name engraved in the face insert ($20), and come with a protective head cover, certificate of authenticity and instructions on club care.

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